how long do idiots live 12 15


How long do idiots live 12 15 In other words, the average idiot will live for just under two years. This may seem like a short time for such a big decision, but it’s important to consider that many idiots don’t even reach their twelfth birthday before their parents have put them down as “too weird” and “not going to make it”. Or maybe they just keep growing up, despite being told a thousand times that they’re not supposed to do so!

How long do idiots live?

The average life expectancy for an idiot is about 12-15 years. Idiots are more likely to die from accidents or violence than normal people, but they’re also more likely to die from diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Idiots are more likely to die from diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Do idiots live a long time?

Idiots live a long time.

Idiots tend to live longer than normal people, which has led some people to question whether or not idiotism is reversible. While there are many factors that play into how long an idiot can expect to live, one thing that isn’t up for debate is the fact that it’s not irreversible. Idiotism doesn’t mean your brain is damaged permanently; it just means you won’t be able to learn from mistakes or improve your behavior over time. If your doctor thinks there’s an option for treating your condition, then talk about it with them!

The good news is that there are some things you can do to help yourself. For example, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to make one of your classic mistakes again and again, try to get out of it. If someone points out what’s wrong with what you’re doing, listen to them—even if they’re just an idiot like yourself! Most importantly, remember that no one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

What causes an idiot’s life span to be shorter than that of normal people?

There are many reasons why an idiot’s life span is shorter than that of normal people.

  • Genetic predisposition to lower intelligence: In some cases, the genes that cause idiots can be passed down from parents to children. This causes an idiot’s brain damage at an early age, which then leads to low intelligence that persists throughout their lives.
  • Brain damage from lack of oxygen or trauma: Some idiots have suffered serious head injuries as a child or even in adulthood; these types usually have severe mental impairments and will never recover fully from them (if they ever do). Read more about tina beth paige anders

Does living longer mean you are less of an idiot?

This is the age-old question: Does living longer mean you are less of an idiot? The answer is a resounding “no.”

As we all know, people who live a long time tend to become less and less intelligent over time. But what happens when they reach their 200th birthday? Are they suddenly enlightened and wise beyond compare? No–they’re still just as likely as anyone else to make stupid mistakes (and some of them are probably even worse than before). And if your parents are idiots when they were younger, does that mean that you have inherited their idiocy? Well…yes and no! You can inherit some things about yourself from others (like eye color), but not everything (like whether or not someone has any sense at all).

Can you become less of an idiot over time?

You can become less of an idiot over time, but it’s not easy. Idiots don’t have any control over their behavior or actions and have no idea how to make good choices. They just keep doing bad things, often because they don’t know any better (or don’t care). And there’s nothing you can do about it until you’re old enough that you can start making your own decisions instead of letting others make them for you.

That said: there are still some things we can learn from our fellow idiots!

Idiotism is not irreversible, but it can be managed.

How long do idiots live? The answer is, “It depends.”

  • Idiotism can be managed with therapy and medication.
  • If you’re an idiot, here are some things that may help:
  • Therapy (which will help you deal with your problems)
  • Medication (which will make your life better)


A wise man once said, “You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it.” This is true for idiots and people who love them. We should all be able to be a little more patient with our loved ones and give them the support they need when they are struggling with something as routine as how long do idiots live 12 15.

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