Features of a Belly Band Holster


Features of a Belly Band Holster is an option for concealed carry with various benefits. These include a comfortable fit, retention, and one-hand-friendly holstering.

However, they have some disadvantages. For example, an ordinary elastic holster can allow sweat to contact your firearm, which, over time, can cause corrosion.


A belly band holster is a soft, comfortable holster for concealed carry. It fits around the belly or small of the back and is secured with a velcro strip. It can also be worn under a shirt.

This type of holster has many benefits, including drawing your gun from any position. It is also very comfortable, mainly used while running errands or working out. However, a drawback is that it can be prone to sweating and get damp, making it necessary to wash regularly.

Belly bands also store other essentials, such as medical supplies and a knife or flashlight. They are an excellent option for those reluctant to use a belt or clip. They are also less noticeable than a standard holster.


belly band holster provides a unique way to conceal carry your firearm. When worn snugly, it can be concealed under almost any garment you wear. However, testing the holster and gun fit while unloading is essential. The trigger guard must be protected against intrusion to prevent environmental collection, such as toddler fingers or a piece of wood carried on the side.

Most belly bands are made from a thin, stretchy elastic that secures with a velcro patch. They typically feature a hand-molded pocket and can’t be used for strong-side, appendix, or cross-draw carry. Some have extra pouches for additional firearm accessories and other items to keep with you while active.


A belly band holster is worn by those who need to carry while wearing clothing that doesn’t allow for the use of a belt and holster. This includes people who wear sweatpants, jogging suits, or drawstring clothing such as scrubs for work.

Unfortunately, many belly band holsters are nothing more than a spandex girdle with a pocket sewn into it, which is not enough to hold your weapon securely. Additionally, fabric structures often snag the trigger guard during the draw.

Fortunately, some companies manufacture belly bands made from breathable fabrics like neoprene. However, they aren’t one-hand-friendly because the flexible material regains its original shape immediately after the firearm is drawn. This is a drawback if you are carrying a full-size pistol.


The material of a belly band holster is an important consideration, particularly for those who use the device regularly. The material should be soft enough not to irritate the wearer’s skin but also strong and durable enough to ensure that the gun inside of it is safe from damage or unauthorized access.

A good belly band will have a pocket or slot for a handgun and a couple of smaller pockets that can be used to carry a knife, tourniquet, extra cash, and more. This helps people stay armed even when wearing clothing that does not accommodate traditional belt and holster carry, such as sweatpants or a velour jogging suit.

Some holsters have additional features like an adjustable clip and allows the user to choose how they want their weapon positioned on their body. This is especially helpful when the user needs to draw their weapon quickly, such as during a chase.


Belly band holsters are sized to fit the wearer. They come in different sizes to accommodate all body types. They can be worn in various positions, including IWB, OWB with a cover shirt, small of the back, appendix, 5 O’clock (behind hip), or even high up on the torso for shoulder cross draw.

The velcro hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to adjust the tightness and personalize the belly band for your needs. These bands will also stretch to accommodate your changing waistline. This makes them ideal for women who need to carry a firearm while doing strenuous activities. However, it’s important to note that drawing from these holsters can take longer than a standard holster. Therefore, it’s essential to practice. This will help you become more proficient with it.

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