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A Muslim Foodie’s Guide to Halal Dining in Bangkok

A Muslim Foodie’s Guide to Halal Dining in Bangkok. You’ve arrived in Bangkok, a place renowned for its thriving culinary scene. You must take caution, though, as a Muslim traveler, as not all of the food in this country is halal. Don’t worry; Bangkok offers a wide variety of cuisines to suit your preferences. The best halal food this city has to offer will be recommended to you in this guide. You’ll discover that there is no shortage of flavors to savor, ranging from mouthwatering Thai curries and rice dishes to delectable sweets from all over the Muslim world. The best thing, though? You may stop in, acquire what you need, and continue exploring this fascinating city because the majority of the places on this list are inexpensive and informal. Prepare yourself for a gourmet journey through Bangkok’s halal food sector. Your tummy will thank you.

The Best Halal Restaurants in Bangkok

A Muslim Foodie’s Guide to Halal Dining in Bangkok, and Muslim tourists may eat halal anywhere they want. Here are some of Bangkok’s top halal eateries:

Al Salam Restaurant

This relaxed eatery in the Silom neighborhood serves delectable halal Thai and Indian food. They are known for their authentic biryani rice, masala chicken, and mango sticky rice. Al Salam is well-liked by both locals and tourists because of its affordable costs and ample quantities.

Checkers Restaurant

The Checkers restaurant in Sukhumvit offers exquisite halal cuisine. They serve upscale versions of classic Thai foods like mango salad, tom yum soup, and green curry. For a memorable night out, their chic decor and attentive service are perfect. In addition to providing options that are vegan and gluten-free, Checkers sources organic foods.

Sabienglae Restaurant

Sabienglae, located in the centre of Chinatown in Bangkok, is well-known for its distinctive Yunnan-style halal food. Their claypot meals are flavorful and made to be shared, particularly the chicken and mushroom dishes. Noodles, stews, and a variety of fried appetisers are also available at Sabienglae. It is laid-back, reasonably priced, and constantly crowded with patrons.

Baan Khanitha Halal

Baan Khanitha Halal on Sathorn Road is the best place to find traditional Thai cuisine in a posh atmosphere. In a classy setting, they provide halal versions of meals like larb, som tum, and gaeng keow wan. For non-Muslim visitors, there are private rooms, dedicated servers, and a beverage menu. Baan Khanitha Halal offers an authentic fine dining experience that is worth the price even though it is pricy.

Must-Try Halal Street Food in Bangkok

Bangkok is a foodie’s delight, and Muslims will find plenty of mouthwatering halal fare there. The following halal street dishes in Bangkok are a must-try:

Roti – Flaky flatbread

Buttery flatbreads like roti are ideal for slathering on curries or drizzling with condensed milk. Roti may be a sweet delight as well thanks to fillings like banana, egg, and Nutella. Although roti may be found all across Bangkok, Roti Mataba on Silom Soi 3 is a well-liked location.

Som Tam – Spicy papaya salad

Isan food is famous for its spicy papaya salad known as Som Tam. Shredded unripe papaya is combined with a garlic and chilli dressing. Each som tam is different because of the additions such tomatoes, peanuts, and crab. Amazing som tam can be found at Som Tam Nua on Sukhumvit Soi 5.

Kuai Tiao Ruea – Boat noodles

Boat noodles, also known as kuai tiao ruea, are distributed from boats along canals and rivers. Noodles, pig or beef, and vegetables are added to the flavorful, spice-infused broth. Halal boat noodles are available from numerous halal carts and eateries, including Muslim Restaurant on Charoen Krung Road.

Khao Mok Gai – Chicken biryani

Thai cuisine’s version of chicken biryani, khao mok gai, features flavorful spices, basmati rice, and tender chicken. The dish is frequently topped with fried shallots, raisins, and cashews. For incredible khao mok gai, visit Khao Mok Gai Aye on Sukhumvit Soi 8.

In Bangkok, there are so many mouthwatering halal foods that you’ll never leave hungry! Aim to sample everything that looks delicious, and be sure to share your favourites. Cheers to that!

Halal Food Delivery and Takeout Options

There are many delivery and takeaway alternatives available in Bangkok if you want halal food but don’t want to eat there.


In Bangkok, Foodpanda is a well-known food delivery service that provides halal menu options from more than 200 partner restaurants. There is a “halal” cuisine filter available, and there are sections for halal restaurants like “Halal Thai Food,” “Halal Chinese Food,” and “Halal Indian Food.” To help you save money on your first halal delivery purchase, they provide promo codes for new customers.


The largest platform for food delivery and ride hailing in Southeast Asia is called Grab. Numerous halal eateries and food carts in Bangkok collaborate with their food delivery service, GrabFood. In a similar way to Foodpanda, you may search for halal restaurants by category, and they frequently conduct promotional programmes that give you discounts on your halal takeaway and delivery orders.

Halal Corner

In Bangkok, there is a specific halal food delivery service called Halal Corner. They only work with halal-certified eateries and food trucks to provide you with quick takeout and delivery of meals like:

•            Chicken tikka masala with naan

•            Beef rendang with rice

•            Tom yum soup with chicken           

•            Vegetable samosas

A Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok is a well-liked tourist destination, but Muslim visitors may have trouble locating halal food there. Here are some pointers to help you get around the city and find amazing halal food.

Look for Certification

When dining out, seek out establishments that have the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT) or another respectable organization’s halal certification on display. ‘Halal’ may also be mentioned on the menus or front windows of some restaurants. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff if you are unsure. Malay is a second language for many Thai Muslims, especially in southern Thailand.

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